Darts Equipment and Setup

27/07/2012 2:32:30 PM

Dart BoardFor many people, darts is a great equalizing game since it does not require any elaborate equipment and since players can enjoy competing with one another regardless of age, gender, size, and strength. Well, speaking of darts equipment, there are only two necessary equipments that make sense of the game: the dart board and the darts.

The Dart Board

Obviously, the game of darts makes no sense without the dart board. Well, the dart board must be hung where the center of the board is 5 feet 8 inches or 172.5cm from the ground. Many experts highly recommend that you hang this darts equipment on a backboard or any other form of backing in order to protect the walls. Aside from that the dart board must have a line or hockey that measures 7 feet 9.25 inches or 237cm from the face of the board for it to function as a real dart board.

There is only one thing that you must do after you hung such darts equipment, that is, to rotate it. However, this will only work if your dart board has the removable metal ring with the numbers on it. But, if the numbers are just painted on this darts equipment, you will not be able to rotate it. The reason behind rotating this darts equipment is that it will make it last longer. Rumors has it that it is also necessary to spray your dart board with water to keep it on its good quality, but many experts do not agree with this claim as they noted that any types of liquid sprayed on the bristle board, for instance, will just ruin this darts equipment. The dart board will begin to bubble and fall apart if sprayed.

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The History of Darts

06/07/2012 5:52:39 PM

Darts Playing AreaDarts is a game I guess every one of you is familiar with. You probably have a friend who loves to play the game or you probably have played it once or twice. Well, it is a fun social game that has been around for centuries. It is popular in almost every corner of the world as many people played it in tournaments and leagues. And, its continuing popularity shows it to be a sport that holds talent, skill, and even a bit of luck combined into one.

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